Step 9 - Vacating the Property

As a tenant you are required to give 30 clear days’ written notice prior to your contractual restart date.

The landlord is required to give two months’ notice.

Once you have given notice to vacate an MGY Managed Property, we will contact you in writing to confirm the procedure to handover the property.

For Let Only Properties these details should be discussed with the landlord directly.

On your check out date you will be met at the property by our check-out clerk (with the inward inventory if your property is an MGY Managed Property).  All personal items should have been removed and the property professionally cleaned, gardens cut to seasonal conditions and rubbish removed. All keys are to be handed over.

If the property is not ready for inspection, then there will be a charge of £50.00 inclusive of VAT to revisit the property. You may also be charged for rent per day until the property is handed over to MGY with all keys received.

If there is no dispute regarding the condition of the property and all rent is paid in full, the bond will be returned to you within 10 working days. You will need to provide MGY with your account details for the return of the bond, as well as giving us your forwarding address.

If there are any deductions to be made and an agreement cannot be reached, then the disputed amount will be held by TDS and the remainder sent back to the tenant. The disputed amount will then be held until the TDS make a final decision.

Please be advised that the above applies to MGY Managed Properties only. For Let Only Properties, details should be discussed with your Landlord directly.

For MGY Managed Properties final meter readings will be taken at the time of the checkout inspection and you will be asked for a forwarding address for the final bills to be sent to you for payment. Again if the property is a Let Only Property this should be confirmed by your landlord.

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